Trainings for your legs

Gluteus and biceps thigh muscles

Bending legs while lying down

The most common biceps thigh muscles exercise involves lying on your stomach on a training machine in such a way that the bench ends just above the knees. The rod of the machine should block your legs at the height of the Achilles tendon.

During the exercise, bend your legs to 90 degrees and hold them for a while in this position. Afterwards, return slowly to the starting position.

When returning to the starting position, you have to remember to do it slowly and control the load. Rapid, uncontrolled movements can be dangerous for your joints and knees.

Deadlift with a weight bar

Grasp the weight, keep hands outstretched.

Stand with your legs slightly closer together than the width of your shoulders. Bend your knees a little. Bend at the waist, pushing your buttocks back a little, and lower the weight bar, keeping your arms straight - the bar should always be close to the body in order to avoid placing too much stress on the lower parts of your back.

Use a training belt for safety. This exercise isn't recommended for beginners (you must have strong back muscles).

*This exercise can also be done with the Smith Machine.

*This exercise also improves the erector muscles of back.

Swinging leg backwards with a machine

This exercise has to be done with a machine. Tie the string from the machine onto your leg a little above the ankle. Stand in front of the machine - the string has to be tight in the starting position when your leg is extended forward. Bend forward, and with your arms straight, hang onto the handle of the machine.

Inhale while swinging the leg with the string tied onto it back as far as you can (with the knee remaining slightly bent). Once you have pulled your leg back as far as it can go, hold this position for a few seconds. Then, return to the starting position (while slowly exhaling). Perform this exercise slowly and control the load.

*This exercise also improves the erector muscles of back.