Trainings for your legs

Strength workout for legs

The strength workout improves your physique and the strength of your muscles.

These exercises can help you with developing magnificent and strong muscles. Strength training requires taking on an additional load, especially for people whose muscles are already trained.

That's why the exercises compiled here require weights and special training instruments. We have compiled exercises that use equipment that is available in most gyms.


How do you train?

Exercise selection

Leg training in this section is divided into groups of exercises - every group of exercises focuses on the development of a different group of muscles. You can focus on developing only some groups of muscles, but if you want your legs to improve evenly, you should do exercises from every group.

Exercises in every group are interchangeable - they improve the same muscle groups. During one training set, you have to do only one exercise from each group. We give you a wide selection of exercises so you can choose the ones that suit you best. Also, having a selection to pick from is helpful when there isn’t much equipment at your gym.

Load and repetition

When doing a strength workout, we recommend that you do 4-5 sets of a particular exercise with 12 repetitions each.

The load should be carefully chosen - the weight should make you feel exhausted after all 4-5 sets. You have to choose a load that will force you to exert your muscles during the repetitions in the last set.

It will take you a few tries to choose a load that suits you best. If the load is too light or too heavy, you can always change it between sets.

Muscle regeneration

After a strength workout, your muscles need time to recuperate . The break should last at least 48 hours or even longer. We recommend that you train one muscle group twice a week (or a max of three times a week).

Burden muscles statically

You must have complete control over the load during the whole exercise, and the burden placed on the muscles must be constant. You have to avoid rapid and sudden movements, because they can lead to injuries . For example, when you do squats with a load and you stand up too quickly, your load jumps off your shoulders (for a moment, your muscles aren't burdened, and then the bar falls on your shoulders again and burdens your muscles and joints extensively).


You always have to train with somebody for safety. In case you lose your strength and cannot put the weights down by yourself, you have to have someone who will be able to help you.

Muscles often get very exhausted during a strength workout - you have to keep that in mind.